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Hi and thank you for your interest in my art. A bit about me...I am an experienced artist specializing in oil-based paintings. I enjoy working with my clients' ideas to create something beautiful and meaningful for them. I paint a variety of subjects, but my favorites are dogs, rock stars, personal homes, flowers, and landscapes. My Facebook profile is David Harrison Simkins Custom Oil Paintings. 

Since 2006, I have sold over 130 paintings part-time through my freelance projects. In 2015, Norfolk Public Art awarded me with a billboard to advertise my art for the 2016 year. 

My style is a combination of expressionism, abstraction and impressionism. I like the energy of Jackson Pollack, the contrasting shapes of Ernst Kirchner, and the colors of Monet. My list of art heroes is extensive but for the most part my love of art starts with William Turner and the Pre-Raphaelites. 

Concerning form, I strive to create balanced compositions that are easy to take in. I think I would be solely an abstract-expressionist if I didn’t concern myself with making realistic imagery. I create visual impact through use of pleasing optical color mixtures and hard outlines.

The meaning of my work is expressed through this strong, dynamic style. I have an array of emotions about the world we live in, but rather than make literal statements, I paint. I also love to learn and the evolution of my art continues to keep me engaged and inspired. I share the sentiment of the medieval Abbot Suger, who felt that the mind rises to truth through the effect of beautiful and precious things on our senses.

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